Added: Apr 02,2023
Payment systems:

Plans: 3% Daily For 90 Days; 150% - 600% After 3-55 Days
Min deposit: $10
Max deposit: $50000
Referral: 5%-2%-1%
Withdrawal: Manual
OKB TRADE LTD- is a private online investment company that has been legally registered in the United Kingdom. OKB TRADE is a quite experienced and promising company in the field of fiduciary management and long-term investments. Combining different techniques and strategies contribute to earnings, beneficial cooperation and orderly development. The most developed area of our activity is multicurrency trading on the Forex market. Experts of the Our company have developed a unique trading strategy in 2022 and since then improve it and adapt to the market that is constantly changing under the influence of many factors. Such a strategy provides stable and risk-free profits for the company and its partners and also allows us to fulfill all obligations, which are associated with timely payments to investors. The company technical department has put into practice unique software for multicurrency trading in automatic mode. This helps us to track the movement of price charts, select the most optimal entries for Forex profits and maximize profitability. Trading experience and fundamental analysis are the basis of our trade, we also try to abide scrupulously our own principles of risk management and coordinate the work of our trader's team.
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