Affiliate Programs

 Already there is a great opportunity to earn money from our site. The system of income is affiliate marketing. If you have a blog or website. Then you can earn income from our site.

How to make income from our website:

You can earn money by placing Our banners anywhere on your site. Through this you can earn income in two ways. 

1st: The first is CPM. 1000 Unique clicks on our banner will get you  1$.

2nd: The second is that if the affiliate can see your investor and invest through our website, then you will get 1$ to 10$ dollars per investor.


1st Requirement you have to Minimum 500 Unique Visitors every day.

2nd Requirement Self click not allow.

3rd Requirement C4C not allow.

When You send withdraw request:

Minimum Withdraw 1$

Payment Methods:

Perfact Money (Minimum Withdraw  1$)

Bitcoin (Minimum Withdraw 5$)

Payeer (Minimum Withdraw 10$)

Sent A Request On Telegram: @tophyiptrust24

Sent A Request On Email:


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