Added: Aug 31,2022
Payment systems:

Plans: 2.4% - 3.4% Until Doubled (Principal Included)
Min deposit: $1
Max deposit: $∞
Referral: 3 Levels: 7% - 3% - 2%
Withdrawal: Manual
Introduction For the last 20 years private markets have been considerably replacing and supplanting public ones. For clarity, private market assets have grown 10 times since 2000, and nowadays they are estimated at $6 trillion at large. Historically, the private market (this includes any type of investing that is made beyond the stock market) was a privilege for the elect, mostly rich and institutional investors. There is a variety of options, including investments in private equity/lending, venture capital, real estate and real assets (from gold and pieces of art to cryptocurrency). All these asset classes have always constituted a substantial share of well-off individuals' portfolio. And at the same time they were not available for ordinary people with an average income in view of private markets specifics, in particular, their risks and regulations. Our company helps anyone to overcome all those restrictions. You can enter private markets and invest in all asset classes they offer, including Real estate, Local businesses, Startups and Crypto. Our mission is to make investments safe, profitable and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to enable individuals to change the world and their lives for better through education and competent investment. Investments With the help of Lecronte Limited, you can invest in one click. There are several private investment types we are able to offer. 1. Real estate. You can choose city-specific funds, fix-and-flips, digital real estate, building investing or even real estate tech. 2. Local business. This type of investing includes funding of the operations, expanding and other companies' activities. Debt investment format is also available within this investing type; it is an ideal option for those who prefer receiving passive income. 3. Crypto. It is a digital asset closely related to blockchain technology and built on its basis. By investing in it, you are able to take part in leading-edge technology, the technology of the future. Investing through the Lecronte ecosystem, you receive financial stakes in companies, funds and projects in exchange for your capital. Your financial interests are guaranteed by your agreement with the issuers, companies, projects or funds that raise money. How Lecronte Limited makes money? Regulation guarantees your legal and financial safety. For the vast majority of the offerings, Lecronte Limited deducts 10% of the total amount raised and 4% of the securities offered in successful investing. Issuers who raise on Lecronte Limited have additional option: using of their successful financing proceeds to pay for the escrow agent or any other offering-related expenditures and fees.
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