Our Deposit: 20$
Added: Jun 23,2022
Payment systems:

Payouts: 3% - 4% daily for 40 - 5 days (deposit returned, return deposit after 10 days wi...
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $15
max deposit: $∞
referral bonus: 5% - 2% - 1%
Altexbit is an investment fund that advances a combination of traditional finance strategies and the digital assets market. The company engages in high-technology low-latency algorithmic trading, using a great variety of arbitrage strategies in derivative and spot markets, including directional buy-and-hold investment products. Four benefits of working with Altexbit. (1) We propose up-to-date solutions with due regard to digital disruption and its impact on economies, markets transformation, and contemporary society. (2) All the solutions we offer our clients strictly comply with the criteria of execution efficiency and transparency. (3) We design all our funds according to the needs of institutional clients and the highest standards of the crypto trading industry. (4) We offer solutions based on the knowledge of financial professionals, portfolio managers, product developers, and traders with long experience in the industry. Our funds Venture fund. The concept of this fund is based on the growth of the digital assets market outside BCH. Portfolio construction relies on selecting a blockchain network (Layer-1 network) and a third-party integration (Layer-2 protocol) and tokens exchanging after thorough research. The key to success is in the dynamic asset allocation of exchange-traded digital tokens that are based on a careful review of their competitiveness, liquidity criteria, leadership position, cases of their usage, and different types of network-related ratios. Digital institutional fund. This fund is created for the elimination of existing weaknesses and shortcomings in BTC index-tracking products. Like the previous fund, it provides secure, liquid, transparent, and effective access to the leading digital asset, Bitcoin. Within this fund, our clients receive one of the leading crypto security frameworks, daily redemptions, and subscriptions. And, of course, we provide trading at mid-market NAV at the current market price without rewards or discounts, as well as sophisticated execution algorithms that reduce the minimum unwanted trading slippage. A new level of funding. Altexbit unlocks new opportunities across different types of markets to meet the evolving needs of all categories of investors. We drive progress in the financial industry bringing together a broad list of financial products and services into a single mechanism for our clients convenience. We open new horizons at the intersection of capital and crypto where regulators and exchangers serve for the benefit of market participants from all over the world.
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