Added: Feb 27,2022
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Payouts: 200% to 760%
Withdrawal: Instant
min deposit: $10
max deposit: $10000
referral bonus: 21%, 3%, 2%, 1.5%
Investing in startups has certain benefits. Today, a startup project is a whole industry. In the future, it is expected that interest in them will only increase. "An idea is worth nothing!" - these words can often be heard from incompetent investors, but we do not think so. We believe that it is the idea that determines the success or failure of a startup. In this section, we will briefly outline the essence of our company. We invest in IT start-ups that are at the preparatory and finished stages. Our main task is to develop a project prototype as quickly as possible and bring it to the market. Speed ​​and flexibility are the keys to the success of the project. We, as entrepreneurs, have a direct interest in the success of our projects. Therefore, we are primarily interested in those projects that have a strong business model and, most importantly, a competent promotion model. We do not expect huge profits, but focus on real projects that can independently earn from the very beginning.
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