Added: Feb 07,2022
Payment systems:

Payouts: 4.3% every hour, 4.5%
every hour
Withdrawal: Instant
min deposit: $10
max deposit: $250
referral bonus: 2% 6%3%1%
NovexBit- an innovative platform for investing in cryptocurrency using artificial intelligence. We set up AI-assisted automated trading on 45 cryptocurrency exchanges using neural networks, machine learning and HFT. Our company offers to invest using an automated terminal. It automatically trades on 45 exchanges simultaneously, monitors quotes and market changes within 0.03 seconds, and provides good returns to investors. Without the risk of the human factor, trading is fully automated and is conducted non-stop. Our AI is superior to any trader. Previously invisible information about the behavior of assets and covert market manipulation is now available to every investor NovexBit.
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