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Added: Jan 23,2022
Payment systems:

votes: 000
Payouts: 101% - 125% after 1 day, 145% - 195% after 3 days, 175% - 345% after 5 days.
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $10
max deposit: $120000
referral bonus: 5%
Fenti Fund is a leading international asset manager, known for its long-term and conviction-led approach to investing.We invest in cryptocurrency blockchain assets which provide investors with a single access point to a diversified portfolio of crypto assets in an effort to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns in crypto asset investing. We offer a diversified range of active investment strategies across four main pillars: equities, fixed income, multi asset and alternatives. Our expertise covers the developed and emerging markets as well as public and private markets. We are a team of experienced and highly passionate entrepreneurs that have founded and operated over 60 market leading internet companies globally. We are very disciplined company builders and investors and understand how to efficiently grow companies. We believe value can only be created through a rigorous focus on execution, operational excellence and constant innovation. Our investment team is responsible for day-to-day investment activities and cooperation with our external capital managers. The team is made up of experienced portfolio managers and analysts, and our investment activities are monitored by a separate risk team that reports about activities to the executive management board and the board of directors. If you’re looking for an investment firm to manage your hard-earned assets —so you can enjoy your retirement or whatever else matters most to you in life—then you’ve come to the right place. As a global investment firm we work together to create long-term value for our investors, companies, shareholders, people and communities. We leverage our expertise across our businesses to ensure we are delivering the best solutions to our investors and partners. We are decent people making a decent return in a decent way. And driving this is a passion for building businesses in the right way. We draw on our in-house research to identify investable themes that tap into clients’ evolving priorities and interests – and take advantage of trends.
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