Added: Dec 20,2021
Our deposit: 20$
Payment systems:

RCB: 100%
RCB: 15$
Last Payout: 10$
Total Payout: 22$

Payouts: Silver 12% DAILY FOR 12 DAYS, 13.5% DAILY FOR 12 DAYS, 15% DAILY FOR 12 DAYS
min deposit: $1
max deposit: $∞
referral bonus: 5%, 8%, 12%
ShinyGain comprises of experienced mathematicians and economists. Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced economists and mathematics who are committed to making Cryptocurrency trading easy and profitable to all our clients. If you are tired of losing money by following a bot that doesn’t work, we assure you that this trading platform will not disappoint you. Our highly skilled team created this trading bot because they wanted to make trading stress-free and straightforward to both beginners and experienced traders. It took us years to develop this intelligent trading bot and many more months of testing to ensure that it gives consistent results. We only rolled it out to our clients after the platform proved beyond a reasonable doubt to provide profitable results. This means that if you implement the trading signals that this trading platform gives, you will be guaranteed to make good profits from your investment.

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  1. Amount : $12.00 Tether TRC20
    Wallet : TPSFViW3GqXTyFXMJwZYUWcwMbJixv525d
    Transaction ID : 12f2553aca66249d4b394d9ec8e3b4ea020f2af261f80b82fa6ff1be3c88d50e

  2. The Amount: $ 14.80 Tether TRC20
    Wallet: TPSFViW3GqXTyFXMJwZYUWcwMbJixv525d
    of publishing Transaction ID: 5b31e6ce74d31f311d7ed03e2f93b45653fcb285917126c1feaf4b120afabe38

  3. Amount : $17.40 Tether TRC20
    Wallet : TPSFViW3GqXTyFXMJwZYUWcwMbJixv525d
    Transaction ID : 1c6e960a9e3fa269e60beeedf38c8eddade098393504f5ab1598ca34be406e9f