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Added: Dec 10,2021
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votes: 000
Payouts: 5% - 8% daily for 25 - 30 days (deposit returned, release available with 7% - 14...
Withdrawal: Instant
min deposit: $20
max deposit: $∞
referral bonus: 5% - 2% - 1%
You allowed to release deposit at any time after 24 hours, deposit release fee amount is depending on when you want to release it. RX CAPITAL LIMITED is engaged in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Our team members have extensive experience in trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to achieve better results, we decided to combine the efforts and capitals of our employees and create RX CAPITAL LIMITED for more successful trading. In order to get profit from trading around the clock, achieve the best results and be one step ahead of our competitors, we have developed trading bots that are configured according to the strategies chosen by our traders. Our specialists individually configure the bots developed by us in accordance with each of the selected strategies and monitor the results of the bots, as well as using self-learning technologies and artificial intelligence to adapt the bots to changing market conditions. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and constantly changing, so the use of bots in the cryptocurrency market is not always effective, since bots can not change to the changing market conditions in a timely manner. The bots developed by us use artificial intelligence to closely monitor market movements and change to ensure the maximum profit from trading. After we tested all our bots and the strategies they use and made sure that our bots are fully operational and effective, we decided to open an investment program to increase our turnover and earn even more money. In order to remain competitive and increase profits, it is necessary to constantly increase trading volumes, add new exchanges and cryptocurrency pairs to work. Many altcoins are extremely volatile, which makes it possible to earn on the fluctuations of the exchange rate. In addition, the prices of the same assets on different exchanges varies, which allows us to earn money on arbitration. Our bots are specially adapted for arbitrage trading, which significantly reduces our risks, while leaving a high rate of profit. These strategies require active cash investments, the growth of which is contributed by our investment program. Our team has developed special software that allows us to combine the available balance on crypto exchanges with the balance of users in our system. When a user requests to withdraw funds from the system, the request to the crypto exchange will be automatically duplicated. This software algorithm allows us to make payments instantly, and the maximum available waiting time for this type of operation is no more than 10 minutes. For a long time, our team members were individual traders with personal capital. United as a team, we decided to create an algorithm that would allow us to use all our many years of experience into one big project. We hired the best programmers who were able to recreate all our ideas into computer code, so "Rx Capital Limited" was born. Our product has been tested using our own capital, and has also been licensed at the state level. You can check the license in the state register of companies of the United Kingdom under the number 13363952. The first bots for automatic trading in the financial markets appeared in the early 2000s, even then the reaction of automatic bots allowed them to bypass competitors with manual trading. Our developers have adopted the best practices of the last 20 years and created a product that does not require user intervention in trading. In order to minimize losses and shortcomings, our system is constantly monitored 24/7 by experienced employees. Clients are not required to have any knowledge of financial instruments, the interface is so simple that it allows any investor to become a full-fledged participant of the ecosystem. Our team members started their way with the individual forex trading using their own capital. The appearance of Bitcoin in the financial market in 2009 allowed our traders to significantly increase their capital. The crypto currency market is supported by the same rules as any other financial instrument. Detailed analysis and long-term experience of our employees allows us to trade on crypto exchanges with minimal losses and, thanks to the high volatility of the tokens, bring our supporters a huge income. Join our team, together we will create a revolution in the world of finance. You can make your first capital without making any investments. Promote our platform to your friends and relatives. We provide a 3-level referral system of 5%-2%-1%, for each invited user we are ready to pay 5% of his deposit in our system, also 2% for each deposit of the person attracted by your referrals and so up to 3 levels. We give you full freedom in advertising, you are only limited by the laws of the United Kingdom, what the law allows, we allow and no more restrictions! All advertising materials can be found in the user's personal account. Our system is constantly monitored 24/7 by experienced employees who, in the event of any risk of loss of funds, will take action to protect the funds of our investors. Our servers are located on the best DDOS protection platform in the world – CLOUDFLARE. Also, all transmitted data between the server and our clients is encrypted by an SSL certificate. In case of danger, hackers will not be able to access the funds because they are located in cold wallets that are not accessible from the Internet. We use only the most proven practices for protecting your data from hackers. With our referral program, you can earn money by advertising our project to other people. Create your own team! We offer a 3-level referral program with a commission of 5%-2%-1%. Try to invite as many people as possible to get more income. Send your unique referral link to your partners, family, and share the referral link on your social networks, forums, so that as many people as possible will know about our project. We will provide you with all the information and necessary promotional materials. Record a video showing how you invest, share proof of your payouts. We give you complete freedom in advertising your link. The income of the referral program is unlimited, you can invite an infinite number of users in your structure, and your commissions will be paid immediately after making a deposit.
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