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Added: Oct 11,2021
Payment systems:

3 rcb offers
Payouts: 1.43% - 3.1% hourly for 72 Hours; 2.2% - 4.2% hourly for 48 Hours, 5% - 7% hourly for 24 Hours
Withdrawal: Instant
min deposit: $10
max deposit: $50000
referral bonus: 1-40%
We know how important it is for members to have online support services. Your backers are always online and answering your questions and concerns. Please let us know whenever you have any questions. TRADEOO LTD is a private company registered in the field of digital currency trading in the United Kingdom. The company generally operates in the field of digital currency trading and stocks. TRADEOO LTD is composed of some of the most skilled traders in the world of digital currency who have very high skills in trading and scaling transactions. Scalp trades are trades that are done in short timeframes and have a very high profit for traders. Our traders have five times the risk-to-reward ratio of every ten trades they make, and the risk percentage of trades is ten times higher, and in the event of a loss, only a very small amount is lost, which is very low compared to the profit. Our traders have designed a very profitable indicator using statistical and economic methods, as well as using artificial intelligence and programming, which according to all the statistics that our traders have according to the data. Makes very profitable trades. By joining our company, you can achieve daily profits without knowing about digital currency trading. We believe that no ad is better than satisfied customers. Not surprisingly, most of our new customers depend on our current customer .We pay in 8 levels of commissions and you do not need to invest in this stage and you can receive up to 8 stages of commissions by introducing investors and investing them with your link. The more investment your investors make, the higher your profit margin. For example, if someone invests $ 2001, you will receive a $ 200 commission, and the higher amount, the higher profit. You can share your dedicated link on social networks.
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