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Added: Aug 28,2021
Payment systems:

1 rcb offer
Payouts: 0.9% - 2% daily for 175 - 230 days (+principal)
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $50
max deposit: $250000
referral bonus: 5%-2%-1%
WayUp financial company works in business, which involves the purchase and sale of debt obligations, shares of companies that are entering the market for the first time (IPO) and companies implementing the projects in the field of blockchain and issuing analogs of shares – tokens (ICO).Professional WayUp managers analyze the market and buy shares and tokens of those companies that are of interest to them and can potentially make a high profit. This strategy allows us to buy shares at an extremely low price, and tokens with a significant bonus or with a large discount before they go into public circulation and give an increase from 10% to 30,000%.Therefore, investing in assets has always been popular and the services of professionals were required. This is fair, since the risk for a beginner to lose everything is extremely high. In the last few years, in addition to the traditional shares of companies, the trend of the financial world is bot trading and various crypto projects that work at a completely different level and require even greater qualifications. The Company notifies of the risks associated with the performance of activities under the Contracts of Assignment concluded in accordance with applicable international law (hereinafter - the "Contract"). Within the framework of the Contract the Company is an attorney, the rights and obligations under the transaction arise directly with the Principal. 1.1. The present declaration is provided to you in connection with your desire to carry out transactions in the foreign exchange market, by using the services of the Company. 1.2. The purpose of this notice is to give you a basic understanding of the risks involved in working in the foreign exchange market and to warn you of the potential losses associated with this type of transaction. 1.3. Participation in transactions in the foreign exchange market may carry a degree of risk, which is determined by possible adverse changes in many parameters, not all of which can be predicted 2.1. First of all, these are parameters of systemic nature, which are a manifestation of peculiarities of socio-political and economic conditions of the economic world development. Risks arising from the possibility of deterioration of systemic parameters are not connected with any particular financial market instrument. They cannot be an object of reasonable influence and management on our part, they are not subject to diversification and cannot be lowered. We refer to the main systemic risks: the risk of changes in the political situation, the risk of unfavorable (in terms of deterioration of substantial business conditions) changes in legislation, macro- and microeconomic risks (sharp devaluation of the national currency, crisis of the government debt market, banking crisis, currency crisis). Systemic risks also include the occurrence of force majeure, natural and geopolitical circumstances (military actions and conflicts). 2.2. Secondly, there is a market (or financial) risk, which is the risk of direct losses or lost profits arising from operations on the currency market due to the possible adverse effects of a number of factors, of which the following can be identified: 2.2.1. currency risk: it consists of a possible unfavorable change in the exchange rate of the monetary unit in which the transaction is conducted, in which case your income from transactions related to currency, as well as the deposit itself may be subjected to devaluation impact, as a result of which you may lose part of your income and/or incur direct losses; 2.2.2. interest risk: consists in the risk of losses you may incur as a result of unfavorable changes in interest rates for the currency of the transaction, affecting the exchange value denominated in the currency of the transaction; 2.2.3. liquidity risk: related to the possibility of losses when selling currencies due to changes in the assessment of their investment qualities by market participants and a decrease in the probability of selling them at the required price; 2.2.4. price risk. Can manifest itself in unfavorable changes in currency prices, which can lead to a drop in the value of your portfolio and, as a consequence, a decrease in profitability. 2.3. Thirdly, operations involve credit risk, which is the possibility of failure to fulfill contractual and other obligations assumed by others in connection with your operations. Credit risks include the following items: 2.3.1. Counterparty risk - as represented by the risk of improper performance of obligations to you or your attorney by counterparties, your attorney must take measures to minimize counterparty risk, but cannot eliminate it completely. 2.3.2. You should be aware that while the attorney is acting on your behalf, the risks he or she assumes as a result of such actions, including the risk of non-performance or improper performance of obligations by third parties to your attorney. 2.4.1. technical risks. Expressed in the unplanned suspension of activities associated with the occurrence of accidents, failures, malicious acts, natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances; 2.4.2. legal risk. Associated with possible penalties if the Principal violates the regulations and terms of interaction prescribed on the Company's information resources; 2.4.3. operational risk. Concludes in the possibility of losses caused to you as a result of violations of internal procedures, errors and dishonest actions of employees, failures in the work of technical means of the attorney, its partners, infrastructure organizations, including organizers of trading and clearing organizations. Operational risk may result in partial loss of profitability or delay of outgoing transactions. 3. OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 3.1. This section refers to currency transactions aimed at reducing the risks of capital management operations and also contains accompanying recommendations and legal principles. First of all, it is necessary to carefully assess which currency pairs relate to transactions for which there is an intention to limit risks, and to make sure that the volume of the client's position on the derivatives market corresponds to the volume of the position on the spot market. 3.2. Assets belonging to you, as a result of the opening of your chosen strategy, which is an operation on the foreign exchange market, act as collateral for the obligations under the contract and their disposal, that is, the possibility of early use of the contents, will be limited. The amount of collateral is proportional to the amount of funds invested in your selected strategy. 3.3. In the process of management, forced operations on trade positions are possible in order to avoid negative dynamics. An adverse change in price may result in the need to make additional funds in order to bring the collateral into compliance with the requirements of the regulations, taking into account the parameters of the expected yield, which must be done in a short period of time, which may not be sufficient for you. Under such conditions, the attorney has the right to unilaterally use the funds available on the balance to change the unfavorable conditions for the better in order to retain the established positions of profitability, as well as to reduce the probability of manifestation of losses in forthcoming transactions. These actions are a part of the system of struggle against potential risks. 3.4. The Principal's acceptance of the Agreement (consent to the terms of interaction when creating a personal account), including without actually reading it, may be viewed in the event of a dispute as the Principal's approval of the Principal's actions with respect to the Principal's wealth management and consent to the results of the management that took place. 3.5. The Principal hereby acknowledges, understands and accepts the risk of loss of income, as well as the manifestation of direct losses from trading in currency pairs. 3.6. Considering the above, we recommend you to carefully consider whether the risks arising from the relevant currency pairs operations are acceptable for you, taking into account your investment objectives and financial capabilities. This risk declaration is not intended to force you to refuse carrying out such operations, but is intended to help you assess the degree of potentially possible risks and take a responsible approach to the matter. 4.1. The actions of the Attorney in executing the above transactions are performed within the strategy adopted by the Parties, which enables the Attorney to save the Principal's deposit, to the extent of 80% in case of a drawdown or force majeure. 4.2. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement, the parties to the Contract of Assignment shall be liable in accordance with applicable international law. 4.3. The Attorney shall not be liable for the consequences of the Principal's provision of untrue documents or for the actions (omissions) of the Principal's counterparties. 4.4. The Attorney shall not be liable for the Principal's losses incurred as a result: 4.4.1. unlawful withholding by the issuer or any other person of taxes or any other monetary amounts from the amount of accrued dividends and/or other amounts; 4.4.2. acts or omissions of the Attorney who has reasonably relied on the Client's instructions and/or documents provided by the Client, or the lack thereof; 4.4.3. failures in electronic communication systems; 4.4.4. actions of executive, legislative and judicial authorities that directly or indirectly reduce the value of the Assets; 4.4.5. early withdrawal by the Client and/or other authorized persons (bodies) of all or part of the Assets from the Trading Account; 4.4.6. actions, omissions or delays in the performance of its obligations by the Client, including as a result of the Client's failure to provide / untimely provision of documents; 4.4.7. any other events, the occurrence of which is beyond the reasonable control of the Attorney. 4.5. All taxes are paid by the Attorney by debiting the required amount from the Principal's account under international law, namely, the Convention on the Avoidance of Double Taxation. 5.1. All clients are invited to conclude contracts with the Company, including contracts for the maintenance of an individual account, for the provision of brokerage services, including the opening and maintenance of an individual investment account, the mechanism for the protection of property rights under which is provided by the framework of the Agreement, the forms of which, as well as information about the procedure and conditions are available on the Company's website at the address: wayup.cc 5.2. The information contained in this Declaration is intended for the general public in order to disclose information about the existing potential risks, as well as possible losses, if the above risks occur, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. 5.3. If any provision of this Declaration is held by a competent court to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the remainder of the Declaration shall remain in force and the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a legal provision as near in purpose or effect as possible to the original provision. 5.4. This Declaration shall be accepted by the Parties at the time of signing the Cooperation Agreement on paper and/or electronically, by creating the Client's investment profile (personal account) on the Trustee's official website, at the address: wayup.cc
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