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Added: Jul 30,2021
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Our deposit: $0.00$

Payouts: 1% per day for 5 days, 1.7% per day for 15 days, 2.9% per day for 24 days
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $15
max deposit: $50000
referral bonus: 0.4-6.5%
Through the online investment platform Sollzo, private investors from different countries now have the opportunity to invest in the most highly profitable and stable sectors of the health care sector - pharmaceuticals and medical real estate, and receive stable high profits from expensive assets. Sollzo was incorporated in the UK in 2012. We started by renting out just three real estate properties. At the end of 2019, the company already owned 852 medical properties in the UK, USA and Canada with a total area of 36.4 MMSF. In 2015, Sollzo begins investing in the construction of healthcare real estate. At the beginning of 2020, the volume of investments in this sector amounted to more than $ 1.5 billion. Acquisition of shares of the biggest pharmaceutical companies Sollzo acquires shares and stakes in major pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, AbbVie, Roche and others, which generate huge cash flow, providing investors with consistently high returns. Investing in the construction of health facilities Investing in a high-quality living environment for elderly people is the expansion of activities on the basis of the company's strong position and increasing working capital, entailing an increase in profits and an increase in interest rates for our investors. Sustainable development and corporate responsibility strengthened our strategy and contributed to the growth of the company and increase the income of our investors even in the harsh conditions of the global crisis. The unity of the team of professionals and the trust of our partners and investors add up to a powerful force that allows the company to steadily move along the path of success. The "Sollzo Medical Limited" company undertakes to use the personal data of Investors in accordance with the national principles of confidentiality provided in the Privacy Act, the National Privacy Principles and the Confidentiality Law. "Sollzo Medical Limited" undertakes to maintain complete confidentiality and protection of personal information about Investors and guarantees the security of the personal data of each User.
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