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Added: May 13,2021
Payment systems:

votes: 000
Payouts: 1-28% after 1 day!
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $10
max deposit: $100000
referral bonus: 5%

Kamson Fund is a private investment firm founded by a team with extensive investmentexperience across the consumer, industrials and business services sectors. Kamson Fund wasfounded in 2018 and is headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom. The long-term success of ourinvestment strategy is closely linked to the state of the oceans and the condition of theorganisms living there. It is therefore of fundamental importance for Kamson Fund and a part of our corporate governance policy that the companies we support conduct theiroperations in a responsible manner. Environmental footprints must be minimized and the workingenvironment for all involved should be safe and healthy.Our investment strategy is founded on a fundamental understanding of the industry and thoroughresearch which has enabled the company to create significant value since inception.Kamson Fund invests risk capital in some of the most promising companies in theirrespective markets. Kamson Fund can make direct investments in companies, invest inseed capital and venture funds, make matching investments jointly with private investors inseed- and venture phase businesses, as well as facilitate pre-seed investments either in fundsor by matching.A core part of the team’s investment strategy is to build robust partnerships with entrepreneursand management teams. Kamson Fund takes control positions in profitable businesseswith unrealised growth potential that can be triggered by applying our ownership methodology andexpertise. Our approach is based on successful execution on focused, actionable value creationplans that build better companies.Our large and diverse investment team consists of professionals with extensiveoperational and investment experience from all parts of the industry. This enables us tocreate value by building profitable and sustainable companies. As sector specialists, weinvest across the spectrum of companies in this large industry, including forex trading,cryptocurrency trading, oil and gas, renewable energy, infrastructure, and providers ofspecialist services such as financing or logistics.

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