Our Deposit: 50$
Payment systems:

 Not Paying
votes: 000
Payouts: 4.75% per hour for 24 hours ,1.25% per hour for 10 days
Withdrawal: Manual
min deposit: $1
max deposit: $50000
referral bonus: 8% - 2% - 1%

You probably already know that Blockchain Technology is the main core of cryptocurrencies, including the most popular of all - bitcoin. It was with Bitcoin that we started our adventure with cryptocurrencies - It was 2010. For 11 years we learned how to invest our money so as not to lose it. After that time, a group of friends decided to register a company and share our knowledge with others. This is how CYBERIX Limited was founded.Advertise and promote our platform wherever you can. Create and share posts on facebook, twitter and online forums. Every time you post, please include your referral link. By building an investor base, you earn money every time one of the invitees makes a deposit in our program. The funds received for the referral are immediately credited to your account. You can invest or withdraw them whenever you want. This is our main idea. We don't just focus on mining and invest money exclusively in bitcoins. When analyzing future prices, we always select those cryptocurrencies and markets that bring the greatest profit. The easiest way to access your funds.Every customer who has invested more than $ 500 is eligible for a virtual prepaid card. With this card, you can pay for online transactions or connect it to your PayPal account.

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