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min deposit: $20
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Start investing Cryptocurrencies and get a high return per day Your crypto will be holded for 30 days in our website to be invested, It will be invested in safe crypto trading following the crypto whales signals to ensure that their will be a huge profit with no losess, Also it will be invested in the crypto mining field and forex. Our investment plans Feautres Your money is being invested by cryptocurrencies trading Artifical Intelligence bots following the cryptocurrencies whales signals which are the trades over 12 Million USD. No one can lose more than 12 Million USD Easily in a trade. So these signals are 99.999% accurate. We don't use all of your money in a single trade. We are using hedge funds and alot of techniques which will ensure you a fixed profit and 0% loss. The minimum deposit is 20$. If you deposit from 20$ to 100$, you will get 1% profit per day. If you deposit from 100$ to 500$, you will get 3% profit per day. If you deposit 500$ or more, you will get 10% per day. You can use the Profit Calculator to calculate how much money will you earn per month according to your deposit Registered Company At UK Coinizie LLC is legaly registered at UK under the number : 672850. We are using a high performance AI bots to give us the entery points of every trade and the whales signals are also manually monitored by our experts. We use hedge funds and maintaining our company capital to avoid any losses. The company registration also guarantees to you that our company is 100% legit,reliable and safe for long,short term investments. You can verify the company registration from Here Download Documents


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