Payment systems:

votes: 000
Payouts: 4% - 6% - 8% Daily For 40 Days (Principal Included)
Withdrawal: Instant
min deposit: $20
max deposit: $∞
referral bonus: 8%-2%-1% has been working in the field of fund management activities for a few years now. Over the years we have developed an eye for pointing out the potential profiteering avenues in the field of trading and exchange. Cryptocurrency is an emerging area in the world’s trading and exchange market. Profits may seem small but sure for now and present a promising scenario in the future which makes Cointelo a specialized firm investing in the cryptocurrency exchanges and trades. The revenue we earn is shared among the shareholders. Our mission is to provide our investors with maximum gains out of their investments. To keep the profit stream consistent, we offer an average hourly rate of accruals so that you may receive for-sure profits at the end of your investments. Our plans are flexible and cater to all income groups. We work by collecting funds from our investors/shareholders and investing their funds in the cryptocurrency markets. Our financial managers keep looking for the profit-making steps and proactively buy and sell the respective currencies to maximize the profits.Cointelo aims to play its part in the development, promotion, and progress of the cryptocurrency trading and investment globally. Our vision is to lead the financial management companies through flexible and easy to register investment opportunities for small to medium investors. Since this is a virtual currency, our services are also offered globally without any limitation of borders. We accept investments from investors globally online and the profits are shared through our online portal.


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